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Location: Main > Optical Filters > Neutral Density Filters > RVNDF-B-1.0-UVFS-R0250-0160
Name: 25mm OD1.0 Radially Variable ND Filter - 0@Center
P/N: RVNDF-B-1.0-UVFS-R0250-0160
Unit Price: S$595.00/pc
Available: In stock
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Radially variable neutral density filters designed to attenuate light in terms of Gaussian distribution, can be used with white light as well as with laser beams.Substrates used have BK7 glass(350-2000nm) and UV fused silica(200-2500nm).

Substrates UV Fused Silica
Outer Diamenter: 25.0, +/-0.2mm
Thickness 1.6 +/-0.1mm typ (depending on substrate availability)
Surface Quality 60/40 S/D per MIL Standard
Flatness Lambda/14 at 633nm per 25mm on-jig tested
Coating Single surface sputtering coating
Back surface: Polished only; Uncoated
Optical Density: Center OD: 0.04 ~ 1.00 (application wavelength: 200-2500nm); tolerance: 5% typ
Linearity: 5%
Calibration Wavelength: 550nm
Temperature Range -50 ~ +80 C-deg