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Location: Main > Lasers Systems Accessories > Air Cooled Water Chillers for Lasers > PLHN-032
Name: HeNe Laser
P/N: PLHN-032
Keywords:632.8nm, 2mW, CW
Unit Price: S$800.00/set
Available: In stock
Request: Add to Request List
632.8nm (RED); CW; >=2mW typ.
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HeNe Laser
632.8nm (RED); CW; >=2mW typ.

Operation Wavelength:        632.8nm (RED); CW

Beam Profile:                         TEM00 (single transverse mode; M2 < 1.1 )
Output Power:                       >= 2mW typ.
Polarization State:                 Random standard;
                                              Polarized output(extinction ratio: >500:1 upon request;
                                                                          SM1-threaded polarizer available)
Beam Diameter(1/e2):            £1.0mm;
                                              Options: beam expander, adjustable/focusable,
                                              or with single mode(SM)/multimode(MM)
                                              or polarization-maintaining (PM) fiber coupled output,
                                              and fiber splitters, collimators, mirrors,
                                              polarization controller etc., upon request.
Beam Divergence:                 0.5 mrad typical;  < 1.0mrad max.
Power Stability:                     £ 5% typical;.
Lifespan:                               20,000 hrs typ.
Operation Temperature:        0o C ~ 60o C
Dimension(Laser Head):        Æ40mm(DIA) x 310mm(L); or OEM
Laser Driver:                          Constant current; Internal starting trigger voltage: 6kV;
Operation voltage:                 2.5kV typ.; Operation current: 6mA typ.
Dimension(Laser Driver):       160mm(L) x 140mm(W) x 80mm(H)
Power Requirement:              220Vac/50Hz std; or 110V/50~60Hz per special request