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Location: Main > No Classification > No Classification > POR-09BT
Name: Benchtop / Platform OTDR
Keywords:Benchtop, 24/24dB, 1310/1550nm, SM Fiber, 120km
Unit Price: S$16,300.00/set
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An optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) is an optoelectronic instrument used to characterize an optical fiber.
OTDR inject a series of optical pulses into the fiber under test. It also extracts, from the same end of the fiber, light that is scattered and reflected back from points in the fiber where the index of refraction changes.
The strength of the return pulses is measured and integrated as a function of time, and is plotted as a function of fiber length.
More large pictures
- Large colorful LCD display with auto or manual adjustment of contrast
- Backlight LCD display supports night operation
- Easy operation with trace graphic display
- Trace storage function
- RS232/USB data upload port
- PC analysis software for analyzing and reporting previously stored data
- Auto off function conserving battery life
- DC/AC power supply
- Auto charging, 5 hours operation for one charge
Basic Applications
- Measure the length of optical fiber and cable
- Measure the distance between two points on the optical fiber and cable
- Locate faults and ruptures of optical fiber can cable
- Display distribution curve of optical fiber and cable loss
- Measure attenuation coefficient of optical fiber and cable
- Measure loss between two points on the optical fiber can cable
- Measure loss of tie-ins
- Measure reflection of reflection evens of optical fiber and cable for a specific event(transmission quality changed due to faults caused by welding,connecting, bending.
Dynamic Range(dB)
Wavelength (nm)
1310/1550 (+/-20)
Fiber type
Single Mode Fiber
Emitter Type
Connector Type
FC-PC(Interchangeable SC,ST)
Display Type
Colorful LCD
Selectable ranges(Km)
1.3, 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 120
Selectable pulse widths
12ns, 30ns, 100ns, 275ns, 1us, 2.5us
Event deadzone(m)
Attenuation deadzone(m)
Measurement Time
15s, 30s, 1min, 2min, 3min
Sample Range(m)
Sampling Points
16000 Points(Maximum)
Attenuation Detect Accuracy
Reflection Detect Accuracy
Distance Measure Accuracy
+/- (1m + 5x10 - 5xDistance + sampling space)
Data Storage
300 test traces
Data transmission
RS232/USB data upload port,
Power Supply
NiMH chargeable battery/AC adapter
Battery Operating Time
Support>= 3.8 hours continuous operation on one charge
Operating Temperature
0-deg to 50-deg
Storage Temperature
-20-deg to 70-deg
Relative Humidity
0 to 95%(non-condensing)
Dimensions (Benchtop)
Weight (Benchtop)
around 1.71kg
We recommend OCT09 Fiber Optic Cleaning Tool Kits (picture as above) for POR-09PF OTDR cleaning.