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Location: Main > Quartz Glasswares Alumina Tubes > Quartz Tubes Sleeves > QUZT-T-0680-0620-0350
Name: OD68/ID62mm Quartz Glass Tubes(L350mm)
P/N: QUZT-T-0680-0620-0350
Keywords:OD68.0mm,ID62.0mm,L350.0mm,fused quartz
Unit Price: S$500.00/pc
Available: In stock
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The fused quartz material is of low OH content and is fairly pure with excellent thermal properties. However is does contain some bubbles and a minute amount of contaminants.
The fused quartz tubes are widely used in chemicals, semiconductor industry, communications, electronics etc.
The fused quartz tubes look transparent after annealled and the working temperature of the fuzed quartz tubes can reach 1200 deg-C.

Material: Fused quartz
Configuration: Both two ends open, flat polished/chamfered
Outer Diameter: 68.0+/-0.2mm
Inner Diameter: 62.0+/-0.2mm
Length: 350.0+/-0.5mm
Working Temperature: 1200 deg-C

Physical Properties of Fused Quartz Material

Density: 2.2 g/cm2

Thermal Expansion

Softening Point: 1690 deg-C
Annealing Point: 1215 deg-C
Strain Point: 1120 deg-C
Index of refraction: 1.4585
Specific Heat: 670 J/kg
Young*s Modulus: < 10.5x106 psi
Electrical Resistively: 7x109 @ 350 deg-C
Dielectric Constant: 3.75 @1MHz