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Location: Main > Fiber Optics Tools > Fiber Fusion Splicer
Name: Standard Fiber Fusion Splicer
Keywords:Fiber Core Display, X/Y view, Auto check / splice
Unit Price: S$12,000.00/set
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Introduction:The main application of fiber optic fusion splicer is to melt two bare optical fiber together. Before using the fiber optic fusion splicer, users need to cut the fiber optic cable and take away all the fiber cable jacket, then use fiber optic cleaver to make the fiberglass end face ready, after finishing these work we can use the fusion splicer to melt the two fiberglass together. The fusion splicer here is an automated fusion-splicing machines and it can automatically perform the fusion work after you fix the two fibers ready in the machine.
PKL-280H is the updated version of PKL-260C with much stable functions and good appearance.
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Name: Digital Fiber Fusion Splicer
P/N: PFS-A10
Keywords:Auto Focus/Align/Detect/Splice under LCD monitor
Unit Price: S$18,500.00/set
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Introduction:PKL-300H digital fiber fusion splicer use PAS technology to do core to core alignment. The fiber fusion splicer comes with automatic functions: focuse, detecte, align, splice etc. All the processing on fiber can be monitored by color LCD with clear digital image display.
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