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Location: Main > Fiber Optics Tools > OTDR
Handheld / Portable OTDR
P/N:POR-09HH Series
Introduction:An OTDR may be used for estimating the fiber length and overall attenuation, including splice and mated-connector losses. An OTDR may also be used to locate faults, such as breaks, and to measure optical return loss.
In addition to required specialized optics and electronics, OTDRs have significant computing ability and a graphical display, so they may provide significant test automation. However, proper instrument operation and interpretation of an OTDR trace still requires special technical training and experience.
P/N Keywords Unit Price Available Generate Quotation
POR-09HH-3155 1310/1550nm, 28/26dB, SM Fiber, 256km S$13,600.00/set Call us Add to Request List
POR-09HH-5562 1550/1625nm, 26/24dB, SM Fiber, 256km S$14,200.00/pc Call us Add to Request List
Name: Benchtop / Platform OTDR
Keywords:Benchtop, 24/24dB, 1310/1550nm, SM Fiber, 120km
Unit Price: S$16,300.00/set
Store: Call us
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Introduction:An optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) is an optoelectronic instrument used to characterize an optical fiber.
OTDR inject a series of optical pulses into the fiber under test. It also extracts, from the same end of the fiber, light that is scattered and reflected back from points in the fiber where the index of refraction changes.
The strength of the return pulses is measured and integrated as a function of time, and is plotted as a function of fiber length.
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Name: Fiber Optic Cleaning Tool Kit
P/N: OCT09
Keywords:Clean OTDR interface and fiber connector tip
Unit Price: S$1,180.00/set
Store: Call us
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Introduction:Use Fiber Optic Cleaning Kits to ensure all fiber end-faces are clean before every mating. Dirt, dust and other contaminants are the enemy of high-speed data transmission over optical fiber. Today's network applications require more bandwidth, making loss budgets tighter than ever. It is critical that all optical connections are clean and free of contaminants to ensure application success.
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