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Location: Main > Optical Substrates > Optical Discs Washers
BK7 Substrate, B-Grade, Disk
P/N:BK7S-B-D Series
Introduction:BK7S  BK7 Optical Glass
B     20-10 Scratch and Dig (Double Side Typ.)
      < Lambda/10 @ 632.8nm over 1-Inch Area
D     Disk Shape
P/N Keywords Unit Price Available Generate Quotation
BK7S-B-D-0600-0150-0060 Dia 60.0mm (Hole Dia 15.0mm) x Thk 0.60mm S$120.00/pc In stock Add to Request List
BK7S-B-D-0600-0150-0120 Dia 60.0mm (Hole Dia 15.0mm) x Thk 1.20mm S$120.00/pc In stock Add to Request List
BK7S-B-D-1200-0150-0120 Dia 120.0mm (Hole Dia 15.0mm) x Thk 1.20mm S$180.00/pc In stock Add to Request List
Name: Sapphire Washers, OD10mm ID5mm T0.5mm
P/N: SPRS-C-D-0100-0050-0050
Keywords:Dia 10.0mm (Hole Dia 5.0mm) x Thk 0.50mm
Unit Price: S$60.00/pc
Store: In stock
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Introduction:Sapphire has the combination of optical and physical properties that make it the best choice for a variety of demanding applications. Sapphire maintains its strength even at high temperature. It has good thermal properties, excellent electrical and dielectric properties and is resistant to chemical attack. These properties encourage the use of Sapphire in aggressive environments where long-term reliability, high optical transmission or good strength is required.
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Name: Quartz Washers, OD10mm ID2mm T1mm
P/N: QUZS-C-D-0100-0020-0100
Keywords:Dia 10.0mm (Hole Dia 2.0mm) x Thk 1.00mm
Unit Price: S$60.00/pc
Store: In stock
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Introduction:The quartz washer features high transmittance in ultraviolet,
visible and infrared spectrum from 190 to 2900 nm. Optical quality material is virtually bubble and inclusion free.
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