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Location: Main > Optomechanics > Rod Base Adaptor V Clamps
DIA38.1mm Stainless Steel Rod Post
P/N:PMN-R Series
Introduction:The Rod (PMN-R) and Clamp (PMN-C)Integration is a perfect alternative to our precision Lab Jacks when exact positioning is not required. The rods are made by stainless steel. M6 mounting holes on top and bottom surface of the post for fast assembly and removable base for added flexibility.
Post base PMN-B is not included in PMN-R series.
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PMN-R-180 Stainless Steel,OD 38.1mm,Length 180mm,M6 tapx2 S$160.00/pc Call us Add to Request List
PMN-R-350 Stainless Steel,OD38.1mm,Length 350mm,M6 tap x2 S$280.00/pc In stock Add to Request List
PMN-R3-400 Stainless Steel,OD 38.1mm,Length 400mm,M6 tap x 2 S$300.00/pc Call us Add to Request List
Stainless Steel Post Rod Base
P/N:PMN-B Series
Introduction:Universal post base fastens directly onto PMB-R series posts. Four M6 counterbored holes on 50mm centers are provided for mounting the post base to an optical bench.
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PMN-B-6 Dia 63.0xH10mm,Stainless Steel,M6 clearance hole S$35.00/pc In stock Add to Request List
Diameter 38.1mm Rod / Post Mounting Clamp
P/N:PMN-C Series
Introduction:The clamping mechanism is directly compatible with our Dia38.1mm PMN-R Series Posts. Vertical positioning is achieved by sliding the rear clamping mechanism along the length of the post. Once the desired vertical position is achieved the clamping mechanism is actuated with the rotatable knob.
The PMN-C offers a removable front plate that provides an array of M3/M6 mounting holes.
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PMN-C1 M3/M6 Mounting Surface;65x65mm;For 38.1mm rods S$120.00/pc In stock Add to Request List
PMN-C2 M6 Mounting Screw;65x16mm thick;For dia38.1mm rod S$90.00/pc In stock Add to Request List
Rotation Post Adaptor(360-deg)
P/N:PMN-360 Series
Introduction:This 360 degree rotational post clamp is very flexible for optical setup.
Designed for Dia.12.7mm SS post.
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PMN-360-01 Al6061,360deg rotation adaptor,for Post Dia12.7mm S$80.00/pc In stock Add to Request List
P/N:PMN-VC Series
Introduction:The post-mountable V-Clamp series offers three distinct models, each designed for different cylindrical mounting requirements. Each model offers a solid, one-piece V-clamp body accompanied by a clamping arm whose contact area is positioned directly in-line with the center of the 'V'.

While most commonly used to hold cylindrical objects such as HeNe Lasers, Fiber Collimation Packages, and GRIN Lenses, these mounts are excellent general purpose mounts capable of holding even unusually shaped objects. The V-shaped body and vertical clamping arm offers a stable three point contact ideal for restricting a broad range of objects.
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PMN-VC-01 V-Clamp for Tubes OD 0.5-20mm S$95.00/pc In stock Add to Request List
PMN-VC-02 V-Clamp for Tubes OD 15-50mm S$110.00/pc In stock Add to Request List
PMN-VC-03 V-Clamp for Tubes OD 10-100mm S$145.00/pc In stock Add to Request List
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