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Location: Main > Optomechanics > Lens Tubes
Dia 1-Inch Stackable Lens Tubes
P/N:LT-SM1 Series
Introduction:The stackable Dia 1-Inch Lens Tubes provide a fast and easy solution for building complex optical assemblies. Dia 1-Inch optical components can be inserted into a single tube through the use of several retaining rings: use the first ring to locate the optic and the second ring to lock the optic in place.
P/N Keywords Unit Price Available Generate Quotation
LT-SM1-MF-8 Male to Female, Depth 8mm S$18.00/pc In stock Add to Request List
LT-SM1-MF-20 Male to Female, Depth 20mm S$30.00/pc In stock Add to Request List
LT-SM1-MF-45 Male to Female, Depth 45mm S$55.00/pc In stock Add to Request List
LT-SM1-FF-25 Female to Female, Depth 25mm S$25.00/pc In stock Add to Request List
LT-SM1-FF-50 Female to Female, Depth 50mm S$50.00/pc In stock Add to Request List
LT-SM1-FF-75 Female to Female, Depth 75mm S$75.00/pc In stock Add to Request List
LT-SM1-RR SM1 Retaining Ring S$5.00/pc In stock Add to Request List
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